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Not in the Box Score

January 24, 2014
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It is the base runner who makes a hard slide into second to break up the double play, the infielder who dives and turns a sure double into a single, the batter who fouls off 10 pitches before he gets a hit. It is the volleyball player who saves ball after ball from hitting the floor after a wild pass. It is the quarterback who runs down a faster defensive back after an interception to save a sure go ahead touchdown. It is the leader who, when all appears lost, motivates his team to dig deeper, to try harder, and to never ever quit.

None of the above will show up in the newspaper box score the next day, but these plays and this leadership may have won the game. Box scores only report the highlights, the “so called” important statistics. Box scores don’t document heart. Nor can heart be measured in traditional ways. It can be judged however…if we pay attention.

The funny thing about the team members who show heart and don’t get the press or credit, is that they don’t care about the press or credit at all. They care about the score at the end of the game. Did their team win? Did their TEAM win? Not did I win, or did I play/do well..but did our team win. Stats take care of themselves when you give 100% and do the things that are important but don’t show up in the box score.

In the business world egos can take over. Sometimes owners and managers only want to implement ideas that are theirs…even if it is not the best plan. As consultants, we often spend time trying to figure out how to make a good idea from a “lowly” employee seem like the owner/manager’s idea. You see, if it is not their idea it may not get the attention it deserves and possibly will not be implemented. Advising would be lots easier if not for those darn box scores.

Who gets the credit shows up in box scores.

I admit it… sometimes I look at the box scores to see if one of my kids got the credit she deserves in an athletic event. I read books about business owners/managers who have been innovative in their organizations. But I know in my heart of hearts that wins are made by plays and leadership that never show up in box scores. Wins are created by employees doing what they do to the best of their abilities…and owners/managers paying attention not only to the metrics…but to the heart.

Box scores aren’t bad. They just never tell the whole story. We must look past the “easy” measurements to the truly important details…always.

John Michael Bailey
"From operations to accounting, from marketing to income production, the team at Vista has done it all and seen it all. They bring all of the experience and commitment to excellence to bear and work with you to achieve the results that you have dreamed of, but been unable to reach. I know it works, I am living it."
- John Michael Bailey
Jim Reed
"I have to confess, I was initially skeptical that Vista could significantly improve my firm. Heck, we are a small firm (4 lawyers) in a small city and have been in business for 60+ years. Frankly, we were already doing well and had managed to carve out a successful business handling personal injury and malpractice cases. But I met (and liked) Tim McKey and we were having a good year, so I thought, let’s give them a try to see if they can offer any meaningful improvement. I am happily surprised to say that hiring Vista is one of the best business decisions I ever made. Vista analyzed and made recommendations in a few key areas and helped us implement changes in those areas. In less that one year, we are already reaping substantial dividends from those simple changes. As lawyers, we think we are pretty smart and know our business pretty well, but I can tell you that inviting an outside set of experienced eyes to take a close look at the way your firm operates WILL reveal many things you never saw and many areas for improvement. If you want to REALLY learn about your firm and how to improve it, I HIGHLY recommend a consultation with Vista."
- Jim Reed / Owner
Kenny Harrell
“The Joye Law Firm would whole-heartedly recommend Vista Consulting’s services. It’s been nearly two years since Vista did the initial needs assessment at our firm, followed by several weeks of ‘boots on the ground’ work. With the benefit of hindsight, I can easily say that improvements we’ve made as the result of their services have easily more than paid for the costs of the same (and that was probably true a few months in.) This is true based on improvements in our case management efficiency and especially in regard to better intake procedures. Our average new cases per month have increased 50%, and this is due in large part on our doing a better job of following up on potential new clients.”
- Kenny Harrell / Managing Partner