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What's Valuable?

December 06, 2013
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Over the past week or so I have been preparing for an approximate 2 hour presentation to one of my customer’s team at their annual retreat. The topic that the customer asked that I concentrate on is “business planning”.

My mind has been whirling with different thoughts and stories that I hope will motivate the group to plan, but even further than just plan, I hope they will take action and implement their plans. Now that I have completed the preparation for the presentation I am able to step back and attempt to assess the value to be delivered by the concepts and ideas that I will be presenting. In doing this, a new thought jumped into my head…. what is truly valuable?

At first I thought of the easy things…money, a house, a car, jewelry…you know…THINGS!!! I then thought that these are, what I have begun to call, rival assets….something that, if I give/sell to you, you have and I don’t. But what if I give you a concept or idea that inspires or motivates you to action….and that action results in creation of a new process that allows you to more effectively deliver your goods or service, or motivates you to make a real commitment to more consistently do the things in your business that you KNOW creates profitable sales? Or, in a non-business environment, motivates you to live a more healthy life-style. These non-rival assets of concepts, ideas, motivation, and/or inspiration are where, I think, real value truly lies. These assets are non-rival in that I can give/sell them to you and now we both have the asset.

How cool is that?

Since I sell advice, ideas, concepts, motivation, inspiration, and a few other intangible services for a living, the following statement is going to sound very self-serving. But here goes… I believe that the value of non-rival assets exceeds the value of rival assets by an immeasurable distance. Things are just that…things! But ideas, thoughts, determination, desire, ….these are the intangibles that lives of real worth are made.

OK….there, I said it.

Richard Harris
"After founding and managing one of Nevada’s largest personal injury law firms for over 30 years, and teaching law practice management, I didn’t think there was much a consultant could do for me. I initially asked Vista, “Why would I pay you to tell me what’s wrong with my firm – when I already know it?” Their response was, “We’ll help you fix it.” That had actually never occurred to me, which showed how much I needed them. Beginning with the onsite visit and comprehensive Needs Assessment, the Vista team not only helped fix what I already knew needed attention, I’m pleased to admit they revealed and helped us resolve several problem areas I previously didn’t know about. Not only that, through consistent coaching conferences and initiation of dynamic reporting of key performance indicators, Vista trained and transitioned a new management team to take our firm to the next level. I’m completely satisfied with Vista and recommend their services to any firm, large or small."
- Richard Harris
 Gary O. Bruce
"Within a short time of working with the Vista team, the main accomplishment – one that I did not anticipate – was to find a way to ensure the things I valued were actually being done by my team. We have become a firm driven by client service, and the Vista dashboard reports and other tools merely help us achieve those goals. It’s hard to do all of the above without a plan, and Vista has worked directly with my internal team to not only come up with a right-fit plan, but also helped us implement that plan successfully."
- Gary O. Bruce
David Miller
Vista's core team is a tripod of experts helping to shape me into a better Managing Attorney. They do it without fear and with so much grace, humility, and patience! And they throw a great party after the hard work all day! #OurConsultantsAreBetterThanYours #Guaranteed
- David Miller / Managing Attorney