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November 2019 Events

November 6-8
Hilton Nashville Green Hills
Nashville, Tennessee


Single day pricing per firm:
1st attendee — $1,250
2nd attendee — $1,125
Each additional attendee — $1,000/each

Up to an additional 10% discount will apply for multi-day attendance.
For additional questions, please email us.

Highlighted Topics

Intake Bootcamp

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

  • Intake Terminology
  • Intake Flow Chart
  • Intake Screening
  • Chase Leads, No Decision Leads, Referred Out Leads & Rejecting Leads
  • Sign-up Process
  • Intake to Case Management Team Transition Training
  • Roundtable Q & A

Case Management Bootcamp

Thursday, November 7, 2019

  • Initial Client Call and Setting Client Expectations
  • Data Integrity and Reporting
  • Framing Your Case: Police Report, Recorded Statements, Property Damage and Injury Photos
  • Client Contact and File Review Cycles
  • Best Practices for Medical Record Request & Retrieval
  • Action Steps for Each Case Phase
  • Settlement Disbursement Opportunities: Think Firm Swag, Referrals, Reviews and Testimonials
  • Pre-Litigation to Litigation Hand-Off
  • Roundtable Q & A

Leadership | Management | Human Resources Academy

Friday, November 8, 2019

  • Setting the Journey – Leadership vs. Management
  • Communication Breakdown and Collaboration
  • Different Personalities Getting on the Same Page
  • Building Thriving Teams from On-Board to Daily Culture
  • Keeping Team Members Longer - Expectations
  • Policies & Best Practices - Tools
  • Professionalism & Retaining Employees - Training
  • Laying The Foundation - The Process
  • Roundtable Q & A
 Gary O. Bruce
"Within a short time of working with the Vista team, the main accomplishment – one that I did not anticipate – was to find a way to ensure the things I valued were actually being done by my team. We have become a firm driven by client service, and the Vista dashboard reports and other tools merely help us achieve those goals. It’s hard to do all of the above without a plan, and Vista has worked directly with my internal team to not only come up with a right-fit plan, but also helped us implement that plan successfully."
- Gary O. Bruce
Kenny Harrell
“The Joye Law Firm would whole-heartedly recommend Vista Consulting’s services. It’s been nearly two years since Vista did the initial needs assessment at our firm, followed by several weeks of ‘boots on the ground’ work. With the benefit of hindsight, I can easily say that improvements we’ve made as the result of their services have easily more than paid for the costs of the same (and that was probably true a few months in.) This is true based on improvements in our case management efficiency and especially in regard to better intake procedures. Our average new cases per month have increased 50%, and this is due in large part on our doing a better job of following up on potential new clients.”
- Kenny Harrell / Managing Partner
David Miller
Vista's core team is a tripod of experts helping to shape me into a better Managing Attorney. They do it without fear and with so much grace, humility, and patience! And they throw a great party after the hard work all day! #OurConsultantsAreBetterThanYours #Guaranteed
- David Miller / Managing Attorney