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November 2019 Events

November 6-8
Hilton Nashville Green Hills
Nashville, Tennessee


Single day pricing per firm:
1st attendee — $1,250
2nd attendee — $1,125
Each additional attendee — $1,000/each

Up to an additional 10% discount will apply for multi-day attendance.
For additional questions, please email us.

Highlighted Topics

Intake Bootcamp

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

  • Intake Terminology
  • Intake Flow Chart
  • Intake Screening
  • Chase Leads, No Decision Leads, Referred Out Leads & Rejecting Leads
  • Sign-up Process
  • Intake to Case Management Team Transition Training
  • Roundtable Q & A

Case Management Bootcamp

Thursday, November 7, 2019

  • Initial Client Call and Setting Client Expectations
  • Data Integrity and Reporting
  • Framing Your Case: Police Report, Recorded Statements, Property Damage and Injury Photos
  • Client Contact and File Review Cycles
  • Best Practices for Medical Record Request & Retrieval
  • Action Steps for Each Case Phase
  • Settlement Disbursement Opportunities: Think Firm Swag, Referrals, Reviews and Testimonials
  • Pre-Litigation to Litigation Hand-Off
  • Roundtable Q & A

Leadership | Management | Human Resources Academy

Friday, November 8, 2019

  • Setting the Journey – Leadership vs. Management
  • Communication Breakdown and Collaboration
  • Different Personalities Getting on the Same Page
  • Building Thriving Teams from On-Board to Daily Culture
  • Keeping Team Members Longer - Expectations
  • Policies & Best Practices - Tools
  • Professionalism & Retaining Employees - Training
  • Laying The Foundation - The Process
  • Roundtable Q & A
Jerry Parker
"Vista has been a consultant to our firm for almost 2 years. One of the best business decisions I made was to retain Vista. They know plaintiff personal injury firms A-Z. And that's how they analyze your firm, its efficiencies (or lack thereof or worse), office design/flow, reception procedures, telephone procedures, equipment of all types, etc. If you think your office is running at the top of its game and you don't need them, you're probably wrong. I can't imagine Vista not being able to improve even the best run firms. The payback from what they do is likely to be realized within the 1st 3-6 months."
- Jerry Parker
Jim Reed
"I have to confess, I was initially skeptical that Vista could significantly improve my firm. Heck, we are a small firm (4 lawyers) in a small city and have been in business for 60+ years. Frankly, we were already doing well and had managed to carve out a successful business handling personal injury and malpractice cases. But I met (and liked) Tim McKey and we were having a good year, so I thought, let’s give them a try to see if they can offer any meaningful improvement. I am happily surprised to say that hiring Vista is one of the best business decisions I ever made. Vista analyzed and made recommendations in a few key areas and helped us implement changes in those areas. In less that one year, we are already reaping substantial dividends from those simple changes. As lawyers, we think we are pretty smart and know our business pretty well, but I can tell you that inviting an outside set of experienced eyes to take a close look at the way your firm operates WILL reveal many things you never saw and many areas for improvement. If you want to REALLY learn about your firm and how to improve it, I HIGHLY recommend a consultation with Vista."
- Jim Reed / Owner
Bill Berg
“… They have also worked with us in ways to improve how many new cases we sign-up – they constantly are coaching us in ways we can do things better in that regard. In our weekly meetings we go over our new case sign-ups, our demand times and various other statistics and topics. They hold us accountable to ourselves… I could go on & on – our accounting department was also restructured based much on their recommendations. And, Vista also researched and found a new CPA firm for me which actually keeps up on telling me what needs to be done instead of just keeping things as the status quo.”
- Bill Berg